LTA Policy


Wet weather/Heat – Cancellations – Makeup Lesson Policy 

At Lead Tennis Academy it’s important to us that all group lesson participants are able to get their lessons each term. So, we offer everyone the option to attend a similar lesson throughout the week (during the term) on a different day than their registered lesson when a lessons is cancelled for any reason.

In the event that a lesson is “rained out”, canceled/deferred, or simply if you are absent (for any reason) then we encourage parents to email us at to arrange a day/time for a ‘make-up lesson’. We normally will make a determination of cancellations on the day with a minimum of one hour notice before the lesson and sometimes earlier.

We also have an extreme heat policy that Tennis Australia also uses, where if the temperature reaches (or is approaching) 36C then tennis lessons will also be cancelled due to heat/sun safety reasons. Also, in line with Tennis Australia policy when the ‘Wet Bulb Globe Temperature’ (WBGT) is 32.5C, we will also cancel lessons. We are using BOM weather reports to judge all weather related circumstances at the website attached here:

We also allow for make-up lessons in the event of an absence for any reason – it’s our top priority that everyone gets to play tennis!

If a lesson is missed (rain or absent) in the last two weeks of term then, we allow for the make-up lesson to be rolled over into the following term. If extenuating circumstances occur we are willing to discuss rolling over make-up lessons to the following term if the player is unable to attend during the registered term.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all private lessons and any lesson that is a ‘no-show’ will be charged at the full rate. Out of respect for our coaches’ time and overhead costs it’s important that clear communication is extended ahead of time (when possible) so that schedules can be adjusted. 

We understand that unexpected circumstances occur in daily life and encourage all private lesson clients to notify their coach if they are unable to attend their scheduled lesson. We are always very understanding and typically won’t charge for booked lessons if adequate communication is extended to the coach.

Please email us at if you have any further questions.

Warm Regards,

Lead Tennis